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Plan to start with enough money to safely enjoy the entire journey.

This means, before you start, you have enough money to buy equipment and transport along the way. You will also need money for living expenses along the way. Many trampers will also have home-related expenses while they are away.

There is a lot to consider with clothing and equipment. First think about function and safety. Then consider weight. This will help with choosing gear. Previous walkers suggest you will need NZD$7,000-10,000 for a 5-month through-walk. Most trampers will be on a budget. But to enjoy through tramping requires some indulgence in the trail towns. It pays to allow a margin for this. Also, allow a generous contingency for unforeseen expenses like replacing equipment replacement or staying longer in a town due to weather or injury.

Don't scrimp on essential equipment like personal locator beacons. These are critical in the case of injury or emergency. It's better to delay your trip until you have enough money to cover all expenses.

People who try to walk Te Araroa on a very small budget are creating unease for locals along the route. People who free camp where they are not welcome and do not support local businesses along Te Araroa will annoy locals. If you wish to walk a trail on a budget of less than NZD$5000-7000 Te Araroa may not be appropriate.

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